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Yugantar Bharati is a registered non-government organisation under Societies Registration Act of XXI, 1860, operating mainly in the state of Jharkhand. The organisation is also registered under ISO; 9000:2008 for the Quality Management System. The office of Yugantar Bharati is situated at Sidroul, Namkom, Ranchi (Jharkhand) which is 12 km from Ranchi city (GPRS: North 230 18.256 East 850 23.632).

The Memorandum of Association states that Yugantar Bharati will work for the all round development of mankind through study and research program and implementation of projects which will benefit the mankind. The main areas of operation of this organisation are: -

  1. To do study and research for all around development of human society and implementation of programs and projects for the same.

  2. To endeavour for increasing participation of female through social, economical, educational and cultural activities and to implement female welfare programmes.

  3. To endeavour for the development, conservation, and management of natural resources and to conduct appropriate activities for environmental protection, conservation and management.

  4. To study the effect of developmental activities on environmental management; to prepare environmental management programmes and to create awareness on these subjects.

  5. To inform people about the innovative processes and information related to afforestation, horticulture and social forestry, and to organize different activities for making these programmes popular.

  6. To encourage the plantation of fruit bearing trees for alleviation of nutrition food in rural areas and to promote the production of flower, fruit and vegetable as an alternative for increasing rural income .

  7. To apprise the rural mass on improved technique of agriculture and horticulture and to encourage research in the field of horticulture.

  8. To work for implementation of agriculture and allied activities ; to prepare people friendly plans for the development and management of resources like water, land, forest, energy and others; and to collaborate with governmental, nongovernmental, voluntary and cooperatives societies working in these fields for the implementation of programmes.

  9. To work for development of agriculture-based industry, silk industry, apiculture milk production and other such activities for increasing the purchasing capacity of rural mass and to encourage capacity building processes.

  10. To make plans for development of drought prone areas, fallow and ‘tarr’ land and to design programmes for getting maximum benefit from such activities and to implement such programmes.

  11. To enforce programmes related to health and family welfare, mother and child welfare. Rehabilitation of handicapped, population control and to conduct studies, research and training programmes in this direction.

  12. To provide cooperation in different governmental and nongovernmental initiative in the field of rural and urban poverty alleviations and to work for economic, social, educational and cultural upliftment of unfortunates.

  13. To design programmes for the development of weaker and backward classes of the society and to implement such activities run by central and state governments.

  14. To work for development, conservation and enrichment of art, culture and sculpture; to run centers and institutions for popularizing, enriching and making public friendly research and training programmes in the field of literacy campaign, social education, adult literacy and agriculture.

  15. To work for welfare and rehabilitation of child labour and dropout of primary stage; to educate regarding social evils such as alcoholism , drug addiction and night soil carrying ; and to work for the rehabilitation of such families.

  16. To implement activities run by khadi and village industries commission for rural development; and to prepare plans for development based on local resources.

  17. To cooperate with state and central government in its welfare schemes for the fulfillment of the objectives of the organization; to procure financial help for running the activities; and to affiliate other cooperating institutions.

  18. To establish coordination with voluntary organization working at local, national and international levels and to implement different programme with the help of national and international institution in the interest of country and people.

The statutory credibility of the organisation can be adjudged by the following documents

  1. Memorandum of Association and Bylaws of Yugantar Bharati registered in the office of the Inspector General of Registration, Bihar.

  2. The certificate of registration issued by the IG, Registration, Bihar bearing no 968 dated 3 February, 1996.

  3. PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department, Government of India bearing no AAAAY0361P dated 03.02.1996.

  4. Order issued by the Income Tax Department authorizing Yugantar Bharati to receive fund and donations under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 vide letter no VIII-21-12A/04-05 dated 14 October, 2004 and letter no VIII-45/80G/2011.12/197-99 dated 28th April, 2011.

  5. Registration of Yugantar Bharati under section 6(1)(a) as a cultural, educational & social institution under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act 1976 vide letter no II/21022/98(0059)/2009FCRA-II dated 20th September, 2012.

  6. Yugantar Bharati is approved to receive grant under section 35AC of Income Tax Act 1961 by The National Committee for promotion of Social and Economic Affair, Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

  7. Yugantar Bharati is also registered in the office of Employee’s Provident Commissioner, Ranchi bearing letter no JH/Ro/RAN/CC/Coverage/32963/12/2408 dated 28th September 2012.

  8. The laboratory has been found to be of the Quality Management System Management NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 vide certificate no 215021304 dated 13 February, 2015

About us

Yugantar Bharati is a voluntary organization registered under Societies Registration Act-XII, 1860 as NGO. It is also incorporated U/S 12A, 80G & 35 AC of the Income Tax Act. We are the pioneer organisation in the field of Conservation of Natural Resources, Protection of Environment, Control of Pollution, Preservation of Biodiversity and Wildlife etc., in the state of Jharkhand. [ Read More.. ]

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