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Damodar Bachao Andolan

Damodar Bachao Andolan is a multi-focal programme. On one hand it organizes rallies, dharnas and other people-intensive programmes and on the other hand, it incites scientists, environmentalists and water activists from different parts of the country to suggest ways and means for alleviating the pain of river Damodar.

Sri Saryu Roy, the then member of Jharkhand Legislative assembly undertook an exercise in the year 2004 to see the water quality of this river, the aquatic flora and fauna and the pollution load of the river under the banner of “Damodar Bachao Andolan (Save Damodar Movement).”

In the year 2004 Yugantar Bharati revisited its road map. It was decided that our priority would be environmental issues because Jharkhand has been thoroughly neglected in this area by the private and public sector organisations. We asked the environmental scientiests and activists to share their experiences so that we may be better equipped to work in the field of environmental conservation and preservation. Yugantar Bharati and other like-minded NGOs of the state, decided to carry out a massive yatra on the entire stretch of this river. This yatra was started on 29th May, 2004 at origin point of Damoder river- Chullhapani, which is situated on Bodha hills at the border of Latehar and Lohardaga district and concluded on 5th June, 2004 at Kolkatta. Damodar is an interstate river. This yatra was led by Sri Saryu Roy, the then member Jharkhand Legislative Assembly and the Water Quality Assessment team was led by Prof. RK Sinha of Patna University The members which included activists like Sri Rakesh Bhasker, Sri Manoj Singh, Sri Ganesh Reddy, Sri Niranjan Singh etc. to assess the aquatic flora and fauna and the pollution load of the river

The Damodar Bachao Andolan expedition was carried out between 29th May, 2004 and 5th June 2004 as per the schedule below:

    ► 28th May, 2004
  1. Departure of team from Betar Kendra, Doranda, Ranchi for Damodar Origin Point Chullhapani at Chandwa Latehar district on 3 pm. Night stay at PWD guest house.

    ► 29th May, 2004 day One
  2. Departure from Chandwa, PWD Guest House on 9am towards origin point of Damodar river.
  3. Welcomed by the local people, Children and G.O. Gaints Group members at Lucai More.
  4. Arrived at Bodha Village where public meeting was organised by Prakhakar Mishra, MD Seraj, Mr Ramesh Mahali etc.
  5. On 10.20am team proceed towards Damodar river origin point.
  6. After One hour and thirty minutes team reaches to the origin point of Damodar river.
  7. Team worshiped at the origin point of Damodar river and water sample collected by the mobile sampling team.
  8. Press breif by Damodar Bachao Andolan Chairman Sri Saryu Roy.
  9. Return back to Bodha village on 4:45pm.
  10. After that team arrived at MAA Bhawani Mandir where public meeting was organised.
  11. Departure from Mandir premises to Dackra.
  12. Water Sample collected at Lapra.
  13. Night halt at VIP guest house, CCL.

    ►30 May, 2004 Day Two
  14. On 8:15am team arrived at Jagriti Vihar NGO Premices, Macluskiganj.
  15. Seminar at Meeting hall of Jagriti Vihar.
  16. After breakfast team departure from Jagriti Vihar to VIP Guest house, Dakra.
  17. Seminar at VIP guest house auditorium on 11:20 am.
  18. Departure form VIP guest house to Damodar river side Marangdahi, Piparwar tio collect water sample by the team.
  19. Arrived at Karidari house of Mr Upender Singh where team take lunch.
  20. After lunch team arrived to Mr Loknath Mahto then MLA house on 4:05pm.
  21. Cottage meeting at Urimari Chowk on 5:40pm.
  22. Welcome by local community at Syal coalfields area.
  23. Seminar at Market Club hall, Patratu.
  24. Lunch and night halt at Sarswati Vidya mandir, Patratu.

    ►31 May, 2004 Day Three
  25. Visited at PTPS ash pond, Patratu and collected water sample.
  26. Water sampling at Nalkari and Damoder meeting point.
  27. Arrived at CCL guest house Giddi for lunch.
  28. Departure from Giddi to Ramgarh.
  29. Seminar at Rotary Culb, Ramgarh 5:45 pm onwards.
  30. Departure from Ramgarh to Rajrappa.
  31. Night halt at CCl guest house, Rajrappa.

    ►1 June, 2004 Day Forth
  32. Workshop at Rajrappa Gramin Vikas Sanstha, Rajrappa 8am onwards.
  33. Reached Petrabar via Rajrappa Gola etc.
  34. Sampling at Tenughat Dam.
  35. Lunch at Minister Madhavlal Singh house, Saram.
  36. Sampling at Tenughat Thermal Power Station TTPS.
  37. Reached at Lalpania guest house.
  38. Departure for Gomia.
  39. Water sampling at Konar Damodar meeting point.
  40. Cottage meeting at Gomia Post office more.
  41. Visited BTPS ash pond in the bank of river Konar.
  42. Workshop at Birsa Munda Park, Bokaro.
  43. Reached Phusro via Kathara, Jarandih, Kargalli Gate etc.
  44. Seminar at Dr. Rajendra Prasad Community Auditorium, Phusro.
  45. Night stay at CTPS guest house, Chandrapura.

    ►2 June, 2004 Day Fifth
  46. Seminar at Chandrapura on 10am onwards.
  47. Cottage meeting at Dugdha.
  48. Welcome by local community at Lahapatti.
  49. Sampling at Telmachho Bridge.
  50. Workshop at Primary School premices by Jotirmay Sawa Sangh, NGO, Punpunkee.
  51. Reached Chachakdham via kalapathar etc.
  52. Lunch at Mr. Ambika Khawas house, Dumardaha, Bejulia via Belujha.
  53. Reached Amalabad via Lalgharia, Battbinour etc.
  54. Departure from Amlabad to Birsa Bridge for Water Sampling by the team.
  55. Entered into Dhanbad district.
  56. High Tea at Parghabad Basti at house of Mr. Rajesh Sahu.
  57. Reached Sindri.
  58. Seminar at Sindri.
  59. Night stay at ACC guest house, Sindri and Sarswati Vidya Mandir.

    ►3 June, 2004 Day Sixth
  60. Departure from Sindri to Baliapur.
  61. Water sampling at Baliapur.
  62. Team stay for a while at Saisakiundi and Kaliasole.
  63. Welcome at Banegodia.
  64. Visited at Panchet Dam.
  65. Seminar at Recreation Club of DVC, Panchet on 1:30 onwards.
  66. Lunch at Inspection Banglow, DVC, Panchet.
  67. Reached to Maithan.
  68. Night stay at Komora guest house, Panchet and Parthosarthi Nilayan.

    ►4 June, 2004 Day Seventh
  69. Departure from Panchet to Kolkatta.
  70. Welcome at Mirghi More, Durgapur.
  71. Visited to DVC Thermal Power Station and take water sample.
  72. Reached Burdhawan.
  73. Welcomed at Telephone Bhawan, Burdhawan.
  74. Reached at Maheshwari Sadan, Chittranjan Avanue, Shyama Bazar, Kolkatta.
  75. Seminar at Mahajatta Sadan fifth floor on 5.30pm onwards.
  76. Back to Ranchi from Kolkatta.

    After this yatra Yugantar Bharati has also submitted a memoranda to address the issue of environmental protection, pollution and ecological concern to the Governer of Jharkhand, Chief Mininster of Jharkhand and the concern government departments, PSUs etc.

    Review Yatra 2016

    ► 29 May, 2016 Day One
  77. Departure from Dhanbad Curcit House on 9:00 am
  78. Basta Kola – Welcome – Sri Anil Singh
  79. Katras More - - Sri Subash Singh
  80. Baniahir, Jharia - Sri Mahabir Paswan
  81. Push Bangla - Sri Upender Vishwakarma
  82. BIT Sindri - Sri Prabash Agrawal & Pappu
  83. Pandit
  84. ACC Cement Camp, Jharia – Yatra start
  85. Surya Mandir Ghat, Chasnala, Sudamdhi
  86. Maholbani Ghat, Pathardhi, Jharia
  87. Lunch
  88. Press Conference
  89. Meeting with Damodar Activist
  90. Haran Chowk, Bhagmara, Dhanbad
  91. Madhuvan Washaries, Baghmara
  92. Towards Chandrapura
  93. Night Stay at Officers Guest House, Chandrapura

    ►30 May, 2016 Day Two
  94. DVC ash pond cum recycle plant, Chandrapura
  95. Gaya Bridge, Phusro
  96. Meeting
  97. Kargali Washires
  98. River Konar-Damodar meeting place, Jaridhi Bazar
  99. Lunch
  100. CCL water discharge area, Jarandhi
  101. Kathara Washaries,
  102. Visited Gomia
  103. BTPS sewrage discharge area,
  104. Visited to water discharge point Tenughat Thermal Power station TTPS
  105. Night stay at Lalpania Guest house

    ►01 June, 2016 Day Three
  106. Departure from Guest house to Lalpania Dam
  107. River Damodar-Bokaro meeting point, Rajrappa
  108. Departure from Rajrappa to Ramgarh
  109. Meeting, Ramgarh
  110. Damodar Bridge, Ramgarh
  111. Departure from Ramgarh to Bhadani nagar
  112. Welcome at Glass Factory, Bhadani Nagar
  113. River Damodar-Nalkari (Domuhani) river side, Bhurkunda
  114. Departure from Bhurkunda to Urimari
  115. Karadhani Mata darshan
  116. Visited at Dharna Sthal, Barkakana
  117. Kandawawar Mandir
  118. Lunch at Sri Upender Singh house
  119. Office Innugration at Tandwa
  120. Night stay at Piparwar Guest house

    ►02 June, 2016 Day Four
  121. Damodar river at Piparwar
  122. Khalari

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